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How to Choose the Best Managed WordPress Hosting for Your Agency

WordPress is one of the widely used web platforms, accounting for about 40% of all websites. There are several benefits associated with WordPress including versatility and access to customization. However, WordPress has become so popular, making it hard to make the right choice especially if you are not familiar with the process. If you are not careful, you may pick the wrong company but you don’t want to regret later. By reading the article herein, you will learn some of the ways through which you can identify the right managed WordPress hosting service provider.

The first step to choosing the right managed WordPress hosting service is by reading online reviews. Google searches will help you know the top-rated companies so you can easily eliminate the rest. Especially for a marketing agency, search with the specific keywords. Once you have identified which companies to prioritize, get to know what their clients are saying. It would be ideal to get reviews from outside the website of the companies you have identified. After all, you don’t expect them to highlight negative feedback from their past clients. To get more info. about the professionalism of the company, you wish to work with, check how they respond to negative reviews. It would be a good idea to deal with a company that offers remedies in case of an issue.

Ensure that you ask for an audit as well. It is one of the methods you can rely on to discover more about the challenges of migrating during this process. The audit could be as a complimentary service but just find out it is possible. If the company provides an audit, you will be sure to enjoy a lot of benefits including tips on improving your SEO and pageviews, everything to do with your site structure, etc.

Last but not least, find time to check their support structure. Of course, you will need help at some point regardless of the efficiency of the hosting company. Although downtimes are somehow expected, they can affect how your clients view your business. Therefore, insist on working with a company that provides 24/7 support so you won’t have to worry about several unanswered calls and emails. For efficiency and reliability, find out if there will be a point person so you will know what to do in case you need any help. Get to know them so you can know what happens in case they are not available. Since you want legitimate feedback based on your website’s state, don’t overlook the need for choosing the right company. With these tips in mind, getting the best managed WordPress hosting services should no longer be a challenge.